Please Note:

    The information included below is an abbreviated version of the entire Extracurricular Code of Conduct.  A copy, in its entirety is distributed and reviewed with parents and athletes on a yearly basis.  All students participating in extracurricular activities fall under this Code.  To review a complete version, please contact the High School Office.


    The Interscholastic Athletic/Extracurricular program at Portville Central School is designed to meet the needs of students who want to express their abilities through participation in the school’s programs.  Students are encouraged to participate in these activities as a part of the scholastic experience.

    Participation in Interscholastic Athletic/Extracurricular activities at Portville Central School is a privilege, and with this privilege each student assumes responsibilities for conduct, academics and attendance.


    This Interscholastic/Extracurricular policy has been adopted to promote excellent sportsmanship and citizenship, to protect the health, safety and welfare of the students engaged in any activity and to assist the students in building sound moral character.


    All participants in Interscholastic Athletic/Extracurricular Activities are ambassadors representing Portville Central School and are expected to maintain a positive image both at home and at away functions


    Attention – participation in activities does involve some risk.  Physical injury can occur in any type of activity.  When participating in a school-sponsored activity, a student and his parent/guardians acknowledge the potential risk for physical injury.


    The insurance provided by the school district is very limited, offering only secondary (not primary) coverage for injuries sustained in school related accidents.  The student’s family insurance in expected to provide primary or basic coverage.





    A.  Once each school year every athlete must pass an approved physical examination prior to participating in any interscholastic sport/activity.  Each athlete is responsible for reporting for the physical at the scheduled time.

    B.  All eligibility and sportsmanship requirements of the NYSPHSSA (New York State Public High School Athletes Association) and those of Section 6 and other pertinent leagues with witch Portville is affiliated must be followed.  Any questions should be directed to the Athletic/Extracurricular Director.  These documents can be found in the high school office.

    C.  Students must dress and participate in Physical Education class in order to participate in any after school activity.



    A.  If a student is unable to participate due to any injury or illness requiring a physician’s attention, he/she must present a written release from the attending physician.

    B.  Academic and Attendance eligibility, according to Portville Central School’s policies, must be maintained.

    C.  Student participants must return the signed form to the coach or advisor within five (5) participation days from the beginning of the activity.  The coach/advisor is responsible to collect, keep and file the consent forms.  If the signed consent form is not received within this time period, the student/participant is not eligible for practice or games.




    Students participating in any extracurricular activities, including athletics, cheerleading, marching band, drama club, ski club, dances, or any other school extracurricular functions are expected to budget their time in order to fulfill both their academic and extracurricular responsibilities.  The “Study Center” is designed to assist students with their academics while maintaining eligibility in extracurricular activities.


    ·          At the completion of the third week of school, 9/22/06, teachers will report any student who is failing or has an incomplete to the Main Office via e-mail.

    ·          At each five week period throughout the school year, teachers will report to the Main Office, students who are failing or have incompletes in their particular class.  Teachers will also notify the Office if they have no one to report.  Each five week period will coincide with progress reports and/or report cards as noted in the school calendar.  The first five week period ends on October 6, 2006.

    Ineligibility Examples:

    ·          Students whose name appears on the Academic Ineligibility list are not eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities unless they are attending sessions in the Study Center.  Please see Study Center Attendance.

    ·          Students planning on trying out for a play, athletic team, etc., will need to be attending Study Center sessions in order to try out.

    ·          Students planning on attending one time events, such as attending a dance or play, will also need to be in regular and continual attendance at the Study Center from the time of the recommendation.

    Study Center Attendance:

    Students reported in two or more classes at the third week point in the school year will be required to attend the after school classes in order to remain eligible in their current activity.  These students will remain on the list at least until the first five week list takes effect.  These students will continue to participate in practices and contests.

    At each five week period, any student currently participating or planning on participating in any extra curricular activity and are reported in two or more classes are required to attend the Study Center.

    Study Center Guidelines:

    ·          The Study Center will operate Monday through Thursday, from 2:30 p.m. to 3:20 p.m.

    ·          Students must attend until they have reduced the number of failures and/or incompletes to one.

    ·          Teachers may release a student from the Study Center by notifying the main office, in writing, that the student is now meeting expectations in that particular class.  The list will be updated each Monday. 

    ·          Students appearing on the list will be considered on probation for a period of one week.  These students may continue their activities, including practices and contests, provided they attend Study Center sessions.

    Students remaining on the list after the first week of probation will be ineligible for any contests or activities until their name is removed from the list.  Students are required to participate in activity related practices.  Attendance at practice is contingent on Study Center attendance.  Attendance in contests, in street clothes, is at the discretion of the coach and /or advisor.

    Student responsibility:

    ·          Students are required to arrive at the Study Center by 2:30 p.m., and remain until 3:20 p.m.

    ·          Students are responsible for contacting the referring teacher(s) for work and assignments.

    ·          Students are required to bring necessary materials to the Study Center and to utilize their time constructively.  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

    ·          Tardiness will be considered non-attendance.  In addition, students must bring appropriate work to the Study Center.  Failure to do so will also be considered non-attendance.

    B. Attendance
           1.   Students must be in school the last day that school was in session prior to the event and the 
           next day
      that school is in session after an event to be eligible to participate in the next scheduled
           event.  Students are also expected to be in school the entire day unless they have a legal excuse.
    If an emergency occurs, the parent/guardian is requested to contact the school nurse/attendance 
           officer as soon as possible with a written note to follow.  Should the student provide a legal 
    excuse that can be substantiated, the student will not be denied the right to participate.  There will
           be no carry over from season to season.  Coaches/Advisors are responsible to oversee their
           participant’s attendance.

    a. Only one tardy, as per B-1, may be permitted per academic quarter, as per the school year calendar, regardless of the number of activities in which one participates.  The reason for the tardy must be explained to the attendance officer as soon as possible after arrival to school.  Documentation of the reason for tardiness may be requested, depending on the situation.  Excuses for tardiness will be considered on an individual basis.  In the case where a student fails to contact the attendance officer, permission for participation will be denied.

    b. Excused absences are defined as absences due to personal illness, illness or death in the family, impassable road due to inclement weather, religious observance, quarantine, required court appearance, attendance at Health Clinics, approved college visits, approved cooperative work programs, military obligations, or such other reasons as may be approved by the Commissioner of Education.


     C.        Detention

    Detention takes precedence over practice or an event/activity and must be served before practice
          can be attended.

    D.        Out of School and In School Suspension

    Students who are subject to School Suspension cannot practice or participate in any game or
    during the time of suspension.  A student’s suspension ends at midnight of the final day
          of the suspension.

    Drugs and Alcohol

    1.        Rule

    A student will not manufacture, distribute, possess, procure, or use illegal drugs or controlled

    substances, alcohol, or tobacco products.  (Possession means to have physical possession, or otherwise to

    exercise dominance or control over tangible property in accordance with New York/State Penal Law,

    Section 10.000(8).

    2.        Reporting of Violations

    a. Reports of alleged violations must be made by a person witnessing the incident.  The individuals must submit to the Principal or his designee a signed report detailing the alleged violations within three (3) school days.

    b. If the district obtains knowledge of the convictions of a student in a court of law for an offense under Article E: #1, the investigation procedure will apply with this conviction constituting a violation of these eligibility rules.

    3.    Procedures

           a. Upon receipt of the signed report of an alleged drug/alcohol violation the Principal or his 
           designee shall, in an expeditious manner, provide verbal notice, followed by written notice, to the  
           student, and his/her parents/guardians that an investigation of the alleged violation is taking place. 
           The reasons for the investigation and the possibility of suspension from extracurricular activities
           will be included in the notice.  The activity advisor and/or coach shall also be informed immediately.

           b. The student and the student’s parents/guardians will meet with the Principal or his designee and 
          other staff, as appropriate, in an expeditious manner following the initial notification of the alleged 
          violation.  At such meeting, the student and/or parents/guardians will be given the opportunity to  
          question the information upon which the alleged violation is based, and to submit additional 
          information or explanations.

          c. The Principal or his designee will make a final determination in the matter, in an expeditious 
          manner and verbal and written notice will be given promptly to both students and parents/guardians and
          the coach or activity advisor.

    4.  Responses to Violations of Article E:  #1
    a. First Violation

    Upon determination of a first violation of the drug/alcohol rule, the students shall be immediately 
          removed from participation in any and all interscholastic/extracurricular activities for the period of 28
          calendar days.  The student may be reinstated after 14 calendar days dismissal if the student provides
          documentation/verification of three (3) voluntary sessions for substance abuse education.

               b. Second Violation
    Upon determination of a second violation of the drug/alcohol rule, the student shall be immediately
               removed from participation in any and all extracurricular/interscholastic activities for a period of 28
               days.  The student will be reinstated after 28 days dismissal only when the athlete provides
               documentation/verification of three (3) sessions for substance abuse prevention education.

               c. Third Violation
    Upon determination of a third violation of the drug/alcohol rule during any         one school year,
               the student shall be removed from participation in all interscholastic athletic/extracurricular
               activities for the remainder of the school year, regardless of the season the violation was incurred. 
              There will be no carry over of this suspension to the following academic year.

    Away Activities
    1.  Students must ride the school bus to and from away games and/or activities.  Parents and/or
          guardians may only transport their child after signing a release with the coach or advisor at the site of
          the activity.  Only the Principal or his designee is authorized to alter this rule.



    A complete Appeal Process is included in the complete document which is reviewed with athletes and parents. To review or to obtain a copy, please contact the High School Office. 


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