• Portville to Begin Extra Bus Run

    Planned for Tuesdays and Thursdays, this opportunity will allow students to stay for study center, receive academic help with individual teachers, and to be involved in a variety of clubs and activities.

    Three predetermined routes will be utilized, each having centralized drop off points. Students living along the route will be dropped of at their home. Departure time from school is planned for 3:50 pm.

    Drop off points, in order, are as follows: Maps are available in the HS office.
    Bus #1 Bus #2 Bus #3
    Rt. 417 East at Prosser Rd. Rt. 305 N & Deer Creek Rt. 417 W@ Drive in
    Sunshine Trailer Park Rt. 305 N & Coon HollowRt. 417 W& Promise Land
    Prosser & Rt. 417 Daggett Hollow & CourtneyRt. 417 W& Haskell
    Rt. 417 West and ButternutRt. 305 S & Wolf CreekHaskell Valley Veterinary
    Highland TerraceRt. 305 S Dodge CreekWolf Run
    Gleason HollowLillibridge @ Village lineWindfall Rd.
    Barbertown Rd.Happy Hollow

    Students will need a signed bus pass indicating they indeed stayed for a school related activity.

    Since your child may need to walk from a drop off location, you should be aware that there are number of registered sex offenders in our District. For more information, please go to http://www.12.familywatchdog.us/ or call 716-933-6005.

    Please detach and return to High School Office


    I give my son/daughter permission to ride the second bus run home when they stay for school-approved, after-school activities.

    Student Name: ____________________________________ Grade: _____

    Parent Name: _________________________________________________

    Parent Signature: ______________________________________________

    Address: _____________________________________________________


    Phone: Home ____________ Work ______________ Cell _____________

    Bus run (circle)  #1,   #2,   #3   Drop off point: __________________________